Akamai Design, by its nature has two major components: Design and Programming. To combine art and technology to create digital products that are not only full of function, but at the same time fun to use has always been our goal. We have the talent and experience and are ready to devote our entire attention and resources to to make sure what you envision becomes reality. Our two principal developers are Dorian Weisel and Tom Connolly.

Dorian Weisel, who started as a professional photographer, and with over 30 years experience in the graphic arts business has come to the computer and embraced the challenges, from an artist's point of view, of merging art with technology. Dorian is versed in all graphic arts programs and the programming languages used to place and manipulate graphical elements, i.e., to create the Graphical User Interface of computer applications. Dorian is most likely the one a new customer will first interact with.

Tom Connolly, Akamai Deisgn's indispensable software engineer, is as equally versed in Javascript, PHP and Visual Basic, as he is in C, and C++. Tom has been the core developer for all the amazing things we have done. With Tom on our team, we know if it can be done, we can do it!