Color! As soon as the internet developed even the simplest of programming tools, with the introduction of Javascript in Netscape 2.0 in September of 1995, we began to play with ways to take advantage of what we believed would blossom into a multi-media, cross platform, 24/7 network that delivers any kind of content imaginable all over the world in milliseconds.

Originally published in 1995, our Big Bad Color Test was the first time we joined our interests in color and programming. We created what quickly became a very useful tool, allowing users to ask and answer the same question we pose today: What Colors Do You Like? What colors work well with the content that you want to present on your website?
During those same early years, we built several websites, some of which are still online today. Volcano Photo, still in its original form, is a good example of our use of a grayscale scheme to support - not distract from - the myriad of colors and site content of a professional photographer's web site.
By the late 1990s, Akamai Design began designing software for distribution over the internet and released Designer's Studio, a complete WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) graphical editor, to create Kaleidoscopic Color Schemes. Designer's Studio is the application in which thousands of unique computer interfaces were created.
Following the success of Designer's Studio we formed, along with world class interface designers, DS Group, Inc. Focusing on the development of graphical interfaces for operating systems (OS), and ways in which the OS's GUI could be commercialized, DS Group gave us the opportunity to further hone the skills we bring to the projects we engage in today.