The technology behind the Commercial Side of a website is invisible to the user. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is what they see when they visit your website. But behind that button lies functions that are invoked when a user pushes it that as often as not cause more to happen than a pretty picture to come up, a page to turn, or any number of simple changes to occur.

When you are buying a product or service on the Internet, a series of events follows that initial pushing of the "Add to Cart" button. You as the customer want to know that the process you are engaging in is secure. You as the internet merchant want that same assurance but in a much bigger way. After all, it is your business, your income, and your reputation that is at stake.

Akamai Design sees the proper application of these "hidden" functions with the same level of concern and demand for perfection as we do with every other aspect of your site's development. To serve your commercial needs, we do all that we can to design, build, and bring online the most robust, the most secure and safest technologies that are available today.

The Hosting of your website is as important as every other aspect of its design and construction. A commercial website necessitates a relationship between the website itself and its host server, and your users' interactions trigger a series of communications between the two. The quality and reliability of the hosting service, its security and its proximity to the backbone of the internet are all prime considerations when bringing your website online.

With years of experience and team members that have constructed ISP's and worked for services that specialize in monitoring web traffic and ensuring clients' website reliability, we feel that we are uniquely qualified to position your website so as to maximize it's performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.