The Design of a Website, whether for personal, small business, or corporate concerns, is at its foundation a creative process. The designer begins with content (your name, logo, words, pictures, etc.) and creates a layout, including specific functions and preferences of colors and shapes. The selected design will be based on how it best serves your purpose, presents your content, its ease of use, and its creativity in encouraging visitors to return to your site.  

At Akamai Design we take this process very seriously. With years of experience designing interfaces for websites, applications, and operating systems themselves, we appreciate the nuances of the relationships of all the website elements and we bring this unique point of view to every project we embrace.

For example, our website here is a simple centered, fixed-size page divided into three parts. The top is where we placed our logo, the left column controls the site's navigation, and the main content area is to the right. This basic design, however, has been made, through our sites Control Panel, interactive, and has been designed to allow you to consider the different spaces, to color them, and to experiment with the different elements within their boundaries.

By doing so, we hope to give you a starting point from which to consider how you would like to see your logo, the links to the various pages you'd want on your site, and the other elements you would like to present there. We hope the time you spend here making changes to this page via our Control Panel is fun! And that once you've explored the imaginative possibilities, and discovered color combinations that you feel would work best with your content, you will Contact Us to discuss your project in greater detail.